jWoWW Halloween CostumeYou can harness your inner goddess with a JWoWW Halloween costume. Forget about Marilyn, we’re talking about the new goddess – Jenni Farley, aka JWoww from MTV’s reality television series Jersey Shore. JWoww is MTV’s brunette bombshell and she’s known for a combination of sex appeal, street smarts, and creativity.

Come on, admit it: for four seasons, you’ve alternated between admiring her and being jealous of her ripped body, and wondering who did her breasts (come on, of course they’re fake…right?)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be JWoWW? To live a life of gym, tan, laundry on the Jersey Shore? Have you also wanted to have all the boys lusting after you? Have you wanted to dance the night away in a thumping night club?

You may not be able to actually live the Jersey Shore life. After all, you’re all grown up and have responsibilities. But, for one night, you can step into a JWoww persona. Let your own Guido take you out to that hot Halloween party in your JWoww costume!

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Let’s walk you through everything you need to become JWoww for a night.

Tight fitting, white halter dress? Check.

This white halter dress is form fitting, low cut, and offers a short skirt length to show off your legs. It’s the perfect dress to unleash your inner Guidette. It offers you the chance to “pump up” your breasts  like JWoww with inflatable breasts sewn into the dress. JWoww yourself up to a very full cup size and let the boys drool!

JWoWW Costume WigJWoWW wig? Check.

Whether your blonde, redhead, or even a brunette, you can have JWoww’s sexy jet black hair, with a side swept bangs, and ultra long hair in a flash. Put this wig on with your halter dress and you’ll be the hit of the party. By the way, we also offer a wig cap to conceal your own hair completely so that it doesn’t poke through the wig and give your true identity away!

Platform high heel shoes to dance the night away? Check.

Brooke costume shoesThese Brook Shoes will make you feel like a siren. Six inch heels with two inch platforms? Puh-Lease! These shoes will make you ultra-sexy, just like JWoww!

Cake Foundation in Olive Tone? Check

Get your Guidette complexion in a few short minutes. Apply cake foundation over your own skin, add some bronzer, and you have a Guidette glow! Don’t forget to also purchase some make up remover for after the party.

How to get that Jersey Shore tanYou may not be able to live the Jersey Shore dream lifestyle very day, but Halloween is for fun and fantasy. Live the Jersey Shore life for one night. Treat yourself to the best Halloween of your live with a JWoww Halloween Costume and accessories.

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